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Forgot My Password: Upcoming Solo Exhibition In Prague

Galerie Hala C, Lihovarska 12, Prague 9,

Opening: February 27, at 6pm

Exhibition of the Paintings: 28.2. – 20.3.2020

Curator: Hagai Segev

Reality can be extremely surprising, particularly when manifested in art. Indeed, in the paintings by Rotem Manor, the universe is conveyed through descriptions of fantastic imaginary environments full of unconventional or unpredictable sights. It is the goal of art, to offer us a new look at the world around us, a novel potential in understanding familiar landscapes and circumstances.

The reality that Manor creates is colorful, engaging and connects situations that cannot exist in our world. It is a puzzle, an un-deciphered password, that appears on the canvas, which encourages the viewer to decode the shapes, objects and stories that are embedded on it and discover a new reality.

Just as children make up reality that is the fruit of the free, limitless imagination, so does Rotem Manor invent her reality. This reality sometimes seems natural and comprehensible, but many times it seems completely unfounded. The painting style is naive, childish, but the contents are less comfortable and tranquil.

Many of the paintings describe situations of chaos, or of destruction. Even when these look beautiful and colorful, their interpretation and analysis give rise to discomfort and sometimes disturbing feelings.

Beyond all the interpretations, Rotem Manor, offers to the viewer and invites him to a journey into unfamiliar worlds she creates for herself. The goal is to open the mind to a world of imagination, fascination and surprise.

Text by Hagai Segev, 2020

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