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Sweet March

Ending this month with a blast! Fresh Paint Art Fair #9 is opening for public today (Tuesday) and will last till April 1st.

My paintings are there alongside young and fresh artists who are good friends of mine, such as sweet Romy Shay, Aleksandra Sena Wilczynska and Yanai Menachem. All of us showing at the Independent Artists Greenhouse.

Yesterday was the VIP night and all of us went on the bus from Jaffa to the very north of Tel Aviv Natural Museum, located in the east side of Tel Aviv University. We met up with our walls, had too much wine and crapy noodles,. It is a very big event and loads of people were there. From the richest posh to the poorest and sloppy people. Lots of energies, hopes and reality. But not boring for sure. Time flew fast on that evening.

The best show in the fair for me was Alex Kremer, showing at Rothschild Fine Art Gallery. Open hearted inspiring vibrant and refreshing paintings. I love his works and soul.

Alex Kremer

In the end when everybody left and it was very dark, we went to explore the botanical garden behind the venue. We used our cell phones to see some parts of the actual cactus greenhouse, had discussion with some frogs and felt like it was the most magical biggest installation of all:)

The fair will run all week, but on thursday I am participating in an interesting exhibition very close to home. In Jaffa a new art place, will be open. An old house on Yeffet street which was built long long time ago, will become a new center for art. Residencies, exhibitions, art events, art lessons and bar. There I will show my large piece “Garden” next to young artists recently graduated from their Master of Fine Arts. Matan Oren is one of them. The last time we showed next to each other was 2011, on our final BFA show in Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem. Now it's time to let our paintings meet up again.

The opening is at 20:00 this thursday,14 Hazorfim st, Jaffa.


Me and Matan Oren's works, 2011 nostalgia..

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